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BEST Foreign Language Film Ever Made.

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The first time that I saw Alain Resnais' famous film, "Last Year At Marienbad", I had to wait on a long, long line - it seemed that every film buff who was into foreign films wanted to see this one.


Of course, at the time, I can honestly say that I had never seen anything like it.


Did I like it?


Well, I was intrigued and mystified.


Seeing it many years later, on DVD, I found it so bizarre and claustrophobic and I could barely get through it.


Did they meet last year?  Didn't they?


I really didn't care.


The approach was much too - baroque.




What's the story of "A" (above), "X" and "M"?

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In making my top ten list of all time, as part of a Backlot profile, I included at least five or six foreign films and then was told that they were disqualified from this particular list because of TCM Imports, so now I have a chance to list my favorite foreign films that I have seen:


Seven Beauties, Lina Wertmuller

That Obscure Object of Desire, Luis Bunuel

Un Chien Andalou, also  Bunuel and Salvador Dali

Trainspotting, Danny Boyle

Diva, Jean Jacques Beineix

Oh Lucky Man, Lindsay Anderson

8 1/2, Federico Fellini

La Dolce Vita, also Fellini


These are in no particular order but they have left lifelong impressions on me and I watch them any chance I get.

BTW, I first saw Chien Andalou at a 1976 David Bowie concert. He was in his "Thin White Duke" phase and he showed the 20-minute silent before the concert. It was fascinating and surreal, (as was intended by the greatest Surrealist Dali) and I will never forget it, (the license plate slashing the eyeball) and the concert. What a combo and what a night. I was in heaven.

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