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'Back to the Future' to Hit Theaters Again ... But Only in the UK

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*'Back to the Future' to Hit Theaters Again ... But Only in the UK*



Here's news to brighten the moods (if moods actually needed brightening or lightening): Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future trilogy, already scheduled for a feature-rich Blu-Ray set on October 26th, now has an 80s-style trailer to remind fans of the pending release (as if they/we needed any reminders), courtesy of Empire Online. Even better? The Back to the Future trilogy will get a theatrical re-release in early October to coincide with the release of the Blu-Ray set (though apparently only in the UK).



For those not in the know (and how could you be not in the know?), the Back to the Future trilogy is a pop cultural milestone for (late) twenty-, thirty-, and forty-something film geeks. It has everything a film geek could want: time travel, comedy, action, Michael J. Fox in a star-making turn as the lead character (and then some), Marty McFly, a never better Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown, genius inventor of the time machine (a flying DeLorean), Lea Thompson as Marty's future mother, Loraine Baines, and Crispin Glover as his future father, George McFly. Over three films, Marty traveled back to the mid-fifties, the far future (2015), and the Old West.






*Bonus Features*



"Tales from the Future:" 6-part retrospective documentary featuring all-new interviews with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Director Robert Zemeckis, Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton plus Executive Producer Steven Spielberg

"In the Beginning..."

Time to Go

Keeping Time

Time Flies

Third Times the Charm

The Test of Time

The Physics of Back to the Future

16 Deleted Scenes

Michael J. Fox Q&A

Archival Featurettes

The Making of Back to the Future Parts I, II & III

Making The Trilogy: Chapters One, Two & Three

Back to the Future Night

The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy



Original Makeup Tests

Nuclear Test Side Ending Storyboard Sequence


Production Design


Designing the DeLeorean

Designing Time Travel

Hoverboard Test

Designing Hill Valley

Designing the Campaign

Photo Galleries Including Production Art, Additional Storyboards, Behind-the-Scenes Photographs, Marketing Materials and Character Portraits Music Videos

"The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News

"Doubleback" by ZZ Top

Back to the Future: The Ride

Q&A Commentaries with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale Feature Commentaries with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton



*Blu-ray Exclusives*




Setups & Payoffs: Note key scenes and see how they play out as you watch the movies

Storyboard Comparison: Compare key scenes in the movie with the original storyboards

Trivia Track: Get inside trivia and facts while you watch the movies

Pocket BLU: Experience Blu-ray via apps for iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Android, and others

BD-Live: Access the BD-Live Center through your Internet-connected player and download even more bonus content, the latest trailers and more

My Scenes: Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movies

Here's the link to the new Blu-Ray set trailer.



We'll relay additional information about the theatrical re-release as it becomes available.



Assuming it's even possible, but has the trailer gotten you more excited for the Blu-Ray release on October 26th? Have you already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray set?

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