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War-time films

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Was wondering what everyone's favorites were among films made about World War II while the war was still going on. Just for kicks, let's divide it into 2 categories -- favorite film about combat, and favorite film about the wartime "homefront".


Mine are:


Combat film -- "Guadalcanal Diary


Homefront film -- "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier"

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Here are a few ideas from movies released during WW2.


An early one, "Always a Bride" starring "Superman" George Reeves was a 1940 romance comedy.


"Keeper of the Flame" Spencer Tracy & K. Hepburn, 1942


"Thank Your Lucky Stars"- Everybody on the Warner Bros. lot shows up in this wartime morale-boosting musical extravaganza. Dinah Shore, Betty Davis, Errol Flynn, Bogart, Olivia de Havilland. 1943.


"The More the Merrier" is set in WW2. Academy Award went to Charles Coburn, while nominations were bestowed upon Jean Arthur & Joel McCrea. 1943 (Was remade in 1966 as "Walk Don't Run" with Cary Grant.)


"The Sky's the Limit" - Fred Astaire plays a war hero who wants to spend a quiet furlough in New York. Joan Leslie as his partner instead of Ginger. Released 1943.



One of my HomeFront favorites


Warner Bros "Hollywood Canteen", 1944.



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Tony Curtis always said that "Destination Tokyo" with Cary Grant motivated him into joining the Navy. I am sure that was one of the most popular movies out during the war. It was definitely Tony's favorite.


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