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Teacher is a spy and takes students on trip to Germany

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My father-in-law wants to find a movie he saw a while ago but can not remember what it is called. He thought it was the Scarlet Pimpernel but it's not.


*Here is the plot as he described it:*


??A teacher takes a group of students to Germany on a trip.

??While there, he is suspected of being a spy or something to that affect.

? At the end, the movie closes with them being near a gate with the students and than suddenly he is gone and the gate is open.

??They never really say that he is a spy but it is hinted to by the way it ends.


I really want to find it for him. If you have any idea please let me know! :) He is going on a cruise in 3 days and I wanted to try and find it for him to take on the trip.

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The film is PIMPERNEL SMITH which starred Leslie Howard as Horatio Smith, an absentminded Oxford prof who actually rescues political prisoners from under the Nazi's noses. Great movie. Francis Sullivan plays the Gestapo chief hot on his trail. Highly recommended. Howard, of course, played the SCARLET PIMPERNEL several years earlier.

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