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Here I am starting another thread, if anyone?s interested. Similar to The First Film That Comes to Mind... thread, but a little different. Instead of naming a movie that the word makes you think of, with no wrong answer. This is about describing a movie in two different words (or phrases) with no sentences allowed and no proper names (characters or places, ex: Tara and Scarlett are not allowed for Gone with the Wind, but horse jail and plantation are, or green dress and drapes.) But, be as distinctive and inventive as possible, from anything from the movie, in order for anyone to identify it. Please use material in the movie, rather than about the movie or about the people in it. If no one identifies the movie in a reasonable amount of time, you supply two more words. You can use dialogue, as part of the clue, but please limit each clue to one or two words.


First pair of clues: sacrifice, Holy Canarsie!

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I thought someone would have gotten it by now, but I did forget about this thread. Let's review:




cat people

southern belle

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