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Does anyone know if the silent Delores Del Rio film RAMONA(1928) is available on dvd? Would like to find a copy of it.

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Happy New Year! Sad to say that this film is generally considered lost. However, that is, or at least was not the case. 10 years ago we know that a Czech archive had a print in it's collection. Unfortunately, I don't know if they still have it or not, or if the surviving elements have been preserved to safety stock? Let's hope that the picture can and will be saved as soon as possible.


I'm still waiting for you to ask about a title that is easy to find. Earlier this week there was an inquiry about another Dolores Del Rio movie RESURRECTION (1927).I'm not sure if this movie survives? I have WHAT PRICE GLORY? (1926) and with the original Movie-tone score if you are looking for that one? In addition EVANGELINE (1929) was released on DVD nearly a decade ago by Milestone. Warner Archive has THE TRAIL OF '98 on DVD-R.

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