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Looks as if EXTRAS are listed again. Thank you!!

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I note the short film and EXTRA listings appear to be back again. THANK YOU, TCM! Staff realizes, I guess (I hope), that shorts are an essential part of the TCM experience for many viewers. I feel so good about this, I decided to add another $25 to my annual support of the, uh, whatever that moving image archive and museum is called in Astoria, NY.


BTW, if anyone has any info tabout giving $$$ to TCM's film restoral efforts, please post here. I can't seem to find any direct info on it.

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I'm with you, MuveeLuvr. I'm very happy to see that TCM is listing Extras again.


Now if they could just take the next step and do something about the seemingly endless repetition/predictability in their shorts scheduling, then we'd really be on to something. There are just too many seldom seen/long forgotten shorts to which TCM has access to show something like the FitzPatrick Traveltalk Paris on Parade for the millionth time, even if it is scheduled right before/after some film set in Paris.


But to get back on topic, I'm very glad TCM has chosen to list the Extras again. It makes my dvr programming a lot easier.



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