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And the worst "classic Hollywood" movie of all time is...

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The Goldwyn Follies.


I caught this on TCM a while back and I could not believe how god-awful it was. A producer decides to start making films based on the opinions of average people, where everything is "happy"? Please! And don't get me started on all those musical numbers this thing had.


For all the people who complain about how there hasn't been any good movies made in the last 30 years, here's a film that's proof that there have always been, and always will be, crap movies.

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This film would have been a lot better without the Ritz Brothers. The color was very good. Alan Ladd was a surprising treat.


This type of film was sort of the forerunner of some of the early TV variety shows, such as The Ed Sullivan Hour.

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> {quote:title=soniquemd21921 wrote:}{quote}

> Didn't Gershwin die when he was writing the score to this film?


Maybe he died before it was released so he could avoid having to see it!

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