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Will there be a Film Noir Collection 6?

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mark, let's hope so...there are so many more great noirs that haven't been anthologized in a set yet. I wish I knew more about "rights" issues concerning this, because I think part of the problem with some noirs we'd love to see in a boxed set is their unavailability.


If they do put together a Noir Volume 6, I hope they go back to putting commentaries on them.

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Miss Wonderly, I totally agree, hope that we see more of these, and hope that they restore the commentaries again (Vol 5 was without, though it did have a great lineup of flicks)!


Unfortunately...the trend I'm seeing, but keep hoping will reverse itself, is fewer releases on pressed discs, and more on DVD-R, and even when it is released on a pressed disc, usually without commentary, unless it's a re-release of a film that was released previously with an audio commentary track, then it's included. I'm hoping this trend reverses itself! Cos there are TONS of noir and crime films...and not to mention pre-codes!...that would be awesome to see released in these collections.

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