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Great character actors

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I recently watched "Out Of The Fog" for the second or third time. I just love this movie and all involved. To see my favorite character actor "John Qualen" playing this gentle norwegian character next to Thomas Mitchel is just heart warming . The two of them have a great on screen chemistry that is clearly visible to me. From his earliest parts through Casblanca and many John Wayne movies Mr Qualen has showed his ability to act and interact with other actors on screen. I especialy like when he gained some weight and was an older fellow in "The Searchers". I loved his accent which he carried over in many films; "The Man Who Shot LIberty Valence" and "North To Alaska".

There are two other character actors who had long lived careers in many movies and T.V. they are Whit Bissel, and Charles Lane. How about a little tribute section at the next (rigged) Oscars for all these men and women who were part of the scenery in so many great films. Without whom the great actors would not have looked so great.

Todays cast of actors isn't worthy of shining there shoes. The remake of True Grit proves that.

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I caught the Ray Milland Screen Directors Playhouse episode this morning and was again reminded of Jay Novello's versatility. He was more than just the "nervous little fellow" roles he often played; he could be quite villainous when called on to do so. Another actor whose name should be more widely known.

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