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Man on a Tightrope

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I don't know if it qualifies as a war film but I discovered Man on a Tightrope this morning which lays out why sometimes freedom must be fought for. A ragtag group of 1950's Checzk circus performers try to escape to free Germany knowing they will probably be killed but do it anyway. In addition to the Communist authorities the owner must deal with traitors in the group and a surprise ally. What's interesting is the way the Reds seem afraid of even the least bit of dissention as if they know that's the only way they can keep power. Fredric March plays the owner, Terry Moore and Gloria Grahame as his family and Richard Boone and Cameron Mitchell as performers not what they seem. Since we aren?t getting The Longest Day from anybody, this was a good reminder of why those men went against tyranny from another but equally deadly freedom killer. It's definitely worth the 4 stars it was rated.

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I've seen it. Frederic March is usually good in anything; and this film is no exception. Decently entertaining. Looks like he put his heart into it. Was it an independent production?

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