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''Tis Liberty'' short will it be repeated??

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Today on TCM after the 1942 movie George Washington Slept Here .., There was a great 20 minute short (produced by Warner Bros and in Technicolor) called Tis Liberty (?) .,, It was the story of how the United States of America came to be in the early 1500's straight thru to the 1776 proclaimation's into the wars of 1812/ 1862 and on into the 20 century World stage of fighting WW1 and WW2 .. It was narrated by Marvin Miller .. Was a treat to watch.. can't seem to locate it on IMDB .. and because it was a short documentary the listing will never be on my PVR listing so I can't capture this for my home library- to show younger family members ..

Will this ever be repeated ? and if so.., How can I be alerted that it will be on again????



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It's been shown before and no doubt will be again sometime. Keep in mind that many times shorts are only scheduled a few days before they run when TCM knows exactly how much time they need to fill between features.The best way to find it is to check TCM's online schedule on a regular basis. A lot of us do that, not only for shorts, but also to pick up any last minute changes.

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The title of that short is actually MY COUNTRY 'TIS OF THEE. It was made (or, rather amost comletely compiled from earlier WB color shorts & features) in 1950 and released in early 1951.

Info here:


This morning was at least the fourth time in just the last few months that TCM has shown this short unscheduled. So it appears that they keep a few shorts on hand as last-minute fillers for when they realize they need one and hadn't already scheduled one. So as of now, that seems to be the only way to catch for gaps of 20 minutes or more after features where there is no short listed on the schedule.


The reviews on IMDb say that the short is available as an extra on the DVD of the movie CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER. You could seek that DVD out if you don't want to wait for whenever the next surprise TCM showing of the short may be.

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