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Brute Force(1947)

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In a brutal overcrowded prison,Captain Munsey(Hume Cronyn)a oily,sadistic head guard is in charge.His dream is to replace weak warden(Roman Bohnen)The doctor(Art Smith)hates Munsey,but theres little he can do.



Joe Collins(Burt Lancaster)is the prisons head convict,planning a mass escape.Joes boys,Soildier(Howard Duff)Tom(Whit Bissell)Kid Coy(Jack Overman)Spencer(John Hoyt)and Freashman(Jeff Corey)go along with Joes plan,but Munsey has informers everywhere.



Joes girlfriend Ruth(Ann Blyth)needs an operation,but she wants him with her or she wont have it done.Soildiers wife Gina(Yvonne DeCarlo)is waiting in post war Italy for him,Spencer wants to get out to get back at Flossie(Anita Colby)a spoiled tart who framed him,and Tom wants to get back to his wife,Cora(Ella Raines)



Tom hangs himself when Munsey gleefully tells him his wife is leaving him.Munsey puts Joe and the others on a brutal project called The Drainpipe.The prisons newspaper editor(Charles Bickford)joins up in Joes escape plan when Munsey stops his paro;e.



Everything is set,but Joe finds theres a Munsey informer among his men.



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