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Johnny Eager(1941)

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Johnny Eager(Robert Taylor)an excon is the friendly neighborhood taxi driver,but known to few hes New Yorks top crime czar.His plan is to open a dog track,but its being blocked by DA John Benson Farrell(Edward Arnold)




Farrell daughter,Liz(Lana Turner)meets Johnny and she falls for him,but Johnny only pretends to love her.One of Johnnys gunmen,Julio(Paul Stewart)attacks Johnny with a knife,but Liz shoots him to save Johnnys life.Liz is shook up over the incident and Johnny sends her home.Julio is very much alive and the whole thing is rigged to get Farrell to lift his ban on Johnnys track.Having no choice,Farrell agrees.




Johnny friend,Jeff Hartnett(Van Heflin)is disgusted by it all and feels for Liz who believes she really murdered Julio.




TNT Taylor and Turner.What a Film.




Van Heflin won his Oscar as Johnnys drunken friend.


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Well it is listed in the film noir book I have. I consider it a noir especially the ending. One of the best Taylor, Turner, and Van Heflin in an MGM movies that has the look and feel one would associated more with a Warner picture.



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