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Beau Geste(1939)

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England,Turn Of The Century.Lady Brandon(Heather Thatcher)has five wards.Beau(Donald OConnor)John(Billy Cook)Digby(Martin Spellman)Isobel(Ann Gillis)and Augustus(David Holt)The lady owns a saphire,The Blue Water.







20 years go by,John(Ray Milland)is in love with Isobel(Susan Hayward)Beau(Gary Cooper)and Digby(Robert Preston)dont know what to do with their lives and Augustus(G P Huntley JR)is a pesty grouch with little feelings for the others.







Lady Brandon calls them all into the study to show them the Blue Water,but the lights go out.When the lights go on,the Blue Water vanishes.All suspect Augustus,but he or Isobel are not who took it.Lady Brandon trusts them to return it.







During the night,Beau leaves and goes off to join the French Foreign Legion.John and Digby follow where they all reunite in the Middle East where the Legion is trying to put down an Arab revolt.In charge is SGT Markoff(Brian Donlevy)a cruel,sadist,but an excellent soildier.Markoff finds out through a spy(J Carroll Naish)that one of the brothers has a valuble diamond.







All are sent to a fort in the desert.When the LT(Harvey Stephens)the officer in charge dies,,Markoff takes over much to everyones anger and a mutiny soon starts under Schwartz(Albert Dekker)the leader.The revolt ends when Arabs attack the fort once more,putting Markoff in charge.







DONT MISS.A True Classic.


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If one has read the book "Beau Geste" by P.C. Wren, or the first book in the series, as there was a whole series of books, this is certainly the most faithful adaptation. Certainly, more faithful than the 1966 version. Though, that one was alot of fun to watch. As a bit of trivia, Charlton Heston was offered the part of Dagineau in the 1966 version, but turned it down. Something which he never seems to have regreted after seeing the film.

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