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Slaughter On Tenth Avenue(1957)

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An honest longshoreman,Solly Pitts(Mickey Shaughnessy)is badly shot up by a professional killer,Cockeye Cook(Joseph Downing)and two hoods.After the shooting,Sollys wife Madge(Jan Sterling)finds Solly and he tells her,Cookeye and two of his meatballs did it.The killers were hired by Al Dahike(Walter Matthau)head of a mobbed up union.




A crime investigator,William Keating(Richard Egan)is sicken by it all and wants to stop the beatings,abuse,and murders going on.Problem is,the workers think hes another mob stooge.William gets Sollys best friend Benty(Harry Bellaver)and Midget(Nick Dennis)to help him put Cookeye and his hoods into the chair and rid the waterfront of Dahike.




Knowing he hasent much time to live Solly also goes along with William.




Angry,Dahike sends death treats to Williams wife(Julie Adams)and Madge.To make matters worse,the lawyer for Cockeye is John Jacob Master(Dan Duryea)who never loses a case.


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Thank you for the tip, ERROL. I want to see this one. Isn't there a well-known and respected music score in it?

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