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:wub: I don't care who or where they come from as long as they keep coming.  The scenery and variety of dogs are first rate.  Thanks to all who send them in.

The cream-colored dog with the lighthouse in the background is a clone of my late Barney and I love the Boston Terrier looking out the window.  Here there's an adorable black short-hair Chihuahua puppy who doesn't know he's supposed to be a meanie and a Chi-Terrier mix that’s so sweet you forget she'll never win a doggie pageant.  Love them all!

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:) Jake:  Thank you for "national Corgie Day";  they were all adorable.


It was good to see one at work as we forget that despite their small size they are very good at getting the much larger sheep and cattle to move when necessary.  There is obviously a strong will and determination behind those cute faces.


Did that one dog have a blue and brown eye or is he blind in the blue?  If so, the expression on his face seems to say to whomever he's looking at "Thank you for not putting me down but letting me show I'm still valuable".   


As for the little fellow passed out on the sofa with "everything" showing-better him than most people I know. And I hope those Labbies had a good hunt.

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