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Announcer Error

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On Friday, April 1, 2005 your off-camera announcer introduced the Laurel & Hardy feature film "Way Out West" claiming that Stan & Ollie were following the advice of Horatio Alger.

Horatio Alger? WRONG!

Horatio Alger was an author famous for his rags-to-riches stories, like when someone might say "Bill Gates is a real life Horatio Alger story!"

It was newspaper publisher Horace Greeley who made the now legendary statement "Go west young man, go west!"

Get it? HORACE GREELEY! Not Horatio Alger!

(And while we're at it, make sure your announcer NEVER says Alger Hiss when he actually intends to mention Horatio Alger & vice versa!)




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How about when that same announcer repeatedly mispronounced "Star-of-the-Month Claudette Colbert" as Claudette Caulbert? I wonder how some of these people get their gigs. I have to think some of them never heard of the people they talk about until they see their cue cards.

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that intro.


What exactly did the announcer say? Could he have just been alluding to the inference of Stan and Ollie being in a bit of a rags to riches tale, what with deeds to gold mines and all?


I do know the difference between Hiss, Horace, and Horatio though, so I can understand your disdain if he actually thought "Go west, young man" was from the lips of Alger.


I just wish that announcers would be forced to have someone check their pronunciation of star names like Michael Curtiz, Jeanne Crain, Dana Wynter, Siobhan McKenna and others, if they have no idea how the person's stage name was pronounced. It just tends to amplify the incorrect way, when they perpetuate it continually on air.


I'm not saying TCM is guilty of that, but I hear it often on other channels.

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