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please no "bugs" on TCM!!

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If anyone has noticed, Encore Movie channels now have their logo plastered on the screen 24 hours a day. Once, all channels were "in the clear" and now nearly every channel has the logo plastered to them. Once they were very small and transparent; now they can take up to 1/6 of the screen, solid, colored, and often animated as well! Anyones eyes drawn to these logos while trying to watch a movie? Now, they are becoming bigger and bolder!


And, now movie channels are doing it! The ones that you pay the most for! And, if anything, there is a much greater chance for burn in with these channels in that the movies are without commerical interruptions and the logos stay in place longer!


I hope to God that TCM does not begin to follow this practice. But, I believe that we will see their "bug" on all movie before the year is out! Maybe some brillant hacker can come up with a device that will electronically erase these bugs!

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Get rid of them then, that's why I do not subscribe to Stars Superpak. The channels that don't put up logos are Flix, The Movie Channel, ShowtimeToo,Showcase (Showtime main channel has logo appear about two times each hour), HBO and Cinamax. It's ok for the logo to appear once and a while like it does on TCM and FMC, but if you have a plasma TV, projection TV or LCD TV, it will cause burn-in and all channels with logos always on the screen should not be watched.

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