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Month of Cult and Camp

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First off, I hope Jerry Beck's night of animation is a mega success

I'm tired of animation being treated like it's nothing here on TCM, The last piece of animation shown on TCM was "The Phantom Tollbooth" (in it's original ratio) that aired a couple of years ago


anyway, TCM needs to show respect to the cult and camp films as well

the films they rarely show have fans too ya know


anyway, TCM needs to have a month of it

maybe have Joe Bob Briggs be the host of it (for nostalgia sake)


The films will be as follows

- Topo Gigio and The Missle War (*yes, it's a real film)

- The Magic World of Topo Gigio (*yes, it's a real film)

- The Fastest Guitar Alive

- The Adventures of The American Rabbit (in it's original widescreen ratio)

- Hold On!

- The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

- Alakazam The Great

- The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

- The Girl in Gold Boots

- Wombling Free


While the channel's name is Turner "Classic" Movies, We need to show these films despite what the critics and the box office deposits say about them otherwise (hardly anyone trust them these days anyway)


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