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The children of classic Hollywood stars

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Hi Everyone -


I'd just like to let everyone know that as of today, my book, "Children of Hollywood" is available from Below is a synopsis.


Living in the shadow of a famous parent can have powerful effects, from professional opportunities to pressure so great it leads to suicide. Some children of stars are proud of their roots while others live in secrecy. This is a rare look into the private lives of the children (and, in a few cases, grandchildren) of these classic Hollywood icons, revealing the stresses and inspirations of living with great performers who may or may not have been great parents. Some movie stars protected their offspring, but others used them as publicity props or even made them into rivals. Despite their unusual upbringing, some of the children succeeded in the movies or elsewhere, but many never lived up to the public expectations. Many lost their parents, whether to the extremes of the celebrity lifestyle, to divorce, or to their careers. From the beautiful bedtime stories Harpo Marx and his wife told their four adopted children to explain where they?d come from, to the studded belt Bing Crosby used to punish his sons for not obeying the strict family rules, this work tells the best and worst of growing up in a celebrity home.


Families covered include those of W.C. Fields, The Marx Brothers (all three), Eddie Cantor, Mario Lanza, Ruth Hussey, Jerry Lewis, Tyrone Power, The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Jack Benny, Glenn Ford, John Gilbert and Leatrice Fountain, Douglas Fairbanks and Boris Karloff. Research is drawn from interviews with celebrity offspring, who also provided never-before-published snapshots of Hollywood legends at home.


Hope you find it interesting enough to pick up a copy. Thanks everyone.


Michelle Vogel

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with McFarland?


What does it take to get published by them?


I knew someone who supposedly "wrote" a book, and basically just used old articles on movies and stars, and rehashed the information, and soon after it was published.


I think many here could do that so what would it take to get published by McFarland, do you think?





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Yes, many people here have enough knowledge to write a book. For sure!


The trick? And yes, there is a trick.....find a topic that hasn't been written about OR put a new spin on a topic that's already been written about. You need to come up with an original idea for McFarland or any publisher to take notice of you.


Hope this helps!



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