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directors who are unwept, unhonored or unsung, who are your favorites in this category?


We all know the Edgar Ulmer story, a director who made the most of what he was given, often to the betterment of those who had more time and money allotted to their films. And all just because he'd had an affair with some wife of a studio boss...and he'd been sent to the minor leagues to do penance!


I started a thread about favorite directors recently, and of course all the ones thought to be classy and high brow were included, but what about those who did not gain as much acclaim, but that you also love, just for the style in certain films of theirs.


A few directors, whose work I almost always enjoy are:


Frank Tashlin


Known for eye popping theatrics and histrionics, in films like "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter" or "The Girl Can't Help It", he also did more low key flicks like "Susan Slept Here". His transfer from animation to films, seemed to bring along a bit of the cartoon antics in him, and his live action films were populated with wild and crazy comic book like characters, which were always amusing. Tony Randall with Jayne Mansfield is a stitch as the eponymous hero of the former film.


Jack Arnold


For its time, "The Incredible Shrinking Man" was top notch sci-fi, adapted from the famous Matheson tale, and even now the film is much more adult in its insights than most such films of the 1950's. Arnold used a certain type of stage know-how to make his films like this one and the classic J.D. drive-in happening, "High School Confidential" come alive and be noticed, amongst all the other teen oriented flicks emerging then.


Nathan Juran


Juran started as an architect and art director in films, with stints in things like "How Green Was My Valley" and the most exciting film noir title in history, "Kiss the Blood Off My Hands". These talents were used to good effect in films like "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" in its settings and overall look and style, and even in fun flicks like the hilarious, "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman".


Name some of your favorite directors who don't get much respect...if you'd like.





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Roger Corman--He got a lot of the greats started. I think he's given credit for it, but he's always the teacher.


John Waters--I've loved a couple of his movies and he definitely has a weird sense of humor.

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I would also like to mention Jack Arnold who directed one of my very favorite "B" films "Girls in the Night" (1953).

And honorable mention goes to Edward D. Wood whose passion for filmmaking was so strong he actually thought he was making a great flm.

Today his films sell more DVDs than that of many top Hollywood directors.



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"The Caine Mutiny" "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" "The African Queen" and "The Malese Falcon" In that order. Am I the only person who HATED "Petrified Forest"? I thought the dialogue was silly and surreal, and while Bogie is ok as Duke Mantee, Leslie Howard's simpering performance made it hard for me to watch.

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