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Zero Dark Thirty

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Yes, I know it is a brand new film and discussing here may shock some, but it is an important one this winter season, and as Stephen Hopkins said in 1776:

"Well, in all my years I ain't never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so *dangerous* it couldn't be talked about."

*Note: There are no spoilers below, so it is safe to read before you see the film.*

Just got back from seeing it here in L.A. (on a very limited opening). It is definitely worth seeing. The greater portion of the film is devoted to the search for bin Laden, but the last part with the raid is extremely well-done and suspenseful.

At times, while watching the movie, I thought this is quite good but with reservations of story...but then I would remember it is a true story and I realized within that parameter it is very, very well done. It's always fully mesmerizing (findong out lots of new details) but, on occasion, you feel they could have cut 10 or 20 minutes somewhere...but, honestly, I don't know where they could.

Is it likely to be the Best Picture winner? I think it will be nominated but I don't think it is something the Academy will honor with the Oscar to join the glorious films of the past. I think they will likely go with Lincoln. Zero Dark Thirty is definitely worth seeing, but I would suggest that you leave the kids at home.

P.S. -- It is satisyfying knowing that, with the way they treat women, it was a woman who got Osama bin Laden.

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I havent seen it, but the fact the director won 2 years ago, makes me feel they wont honor her again so soon (or the film)........

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