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Magnificent Obsessions

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I was finally able to see both film versions of the classic drama Magnificent Obsession: the 1954 film adaptation (left) with Rock Hudson & Jane Wyman as well as the 1935 original version (right) with Robert Taylor & Irene Dunne. This 1954 version had a siginificant difference in it that it was more of a lush remake directed by the legendary Douglas Sirk and yet both films became wondrous romantic tearjerkers that I've had the immense pleasure & joy of viewing; although I've deeply enjoyed seeing both film versions of Magnificent Obsession, I don't think that I could ever forget Otto Kruger's performance in the 1954 film as the "sender" of the Magnificent Obsession or the wonderful portrayals both Taylor & Dunne gave (Bob Merrick and Helen Chandler respectively). If there was anything that I could say regarding the basis/plot of both films, it would be that it reminded me so much of the phrase "Pay it Forward"--in a way, it's like giving something back selflessly without expecting nothing in return and to me that's what I think ALL classic films have achieved over the years, regardless of what the media's surfaced with the new line of movies featured in certain movie theaters!

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Good analysis. Magnificent Obsession is a sort of 'pay it forward' type movie. Both versions have merit and are very good. While I think my favorite version is the one from 1954(I saw that one first), I feel that Robert Taylor really impressed me with his Bob Merrick. While I love Hudson's performance, Taylor seemed to really be trying to become a break-out actor in this role.

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