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Retro Trivia

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7 minutes ago, shutoo said:

that's a good one..and I love the look Eve Arden gives Ethel when she asks Arden about her caricature on the wall...

When Ricky brings Bill to their suite in the hotel and Bill lights her cigarette and the tip of the putty nose catches fire then she dips her nose in the cup of coffee to put out the fire, that I think is priceless. the vegeameata blah, blah commercial, the chocolate factory, the crushing grapes in the barrel to make wine all are priceless :D So many great episodes.

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9 minutes ago, lavenderblue19 said:

 So many great episodes.

so true...I've always thought there were only two 'unfunny' elements in the series: Little Ricky and moving to Connecticut

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11 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

1. Richard Widmark

2. Betty Grable and Harry James

3. Elsa Lanchester

4. Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord

5. Tennessee Ernie Ford ? they were all in jail together, but you asked for a movie star, so you're probably looking for a different star

6. George Reeves

7. Harpo Marx

8. Ernie Kovacs

9. Van Johnson

10. Tennessee Ernie Ford

My favorite is the Brown Derby restaurant episode with William Holden.  For 5 and 10 didn't Tenn Ernie Ford do both, was in jail with the Richardos and slept on their couch in NY ?? 

Lav, This Is A Stellar Performance!


Re: #5 Yes they were in jail together with Tennessee Ernie Ford but I did ask for a movie star.

Lav, I know you remember all the hoopla around the first Lucy -Desi Comedy Hour which starred Ann Sothern.

Lucy and Ann have gone to Havana as two single  women looking for Romance within an exciting vacation. And that's where Lucy meets Desi. That's a terrific beginning for the hour-long shows. Somehow Lucy and Ann get arrested and were locked up in jail together.

Lav, you you still correctly answered all 10 anyway and you're still the Queen of Retro! Unfortunately the only prize that I have to give you is a box of Rice-A-Roni.

Lav-- Take it away!

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