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Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man(1951)

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Bud and Lou graduate from a detective school.(Bud gave the teacher $20 for his diploma)
They are sent to a detective agency for further training.A strange MR Tommy Nelson(Arthur Franz)comes in and wants to hire them.Nelson is an exfighter accused of killing his manager.They drive to a scientist(Gavin Muir)and his neice Helen Gray(Nancy Guild)Tommys girlfriend.The scientist is working on cemicals that turn people invisible.Tommy injects himself with it and turns invisible.Tommy tells the boys he was innocent of the murder and wants them to help clear him..
After a trip to the gym where Tommy once worked they find the killers were Morgan(Sheldon Leonard)a crooked gambler,Boots Mareden(Adele Jergens)Morgans girlfriend,and fighter Rocky Hanlon(John Dahelm)
Its up to the boys to clear Tommy and save the day.

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