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Totally Tooned In

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Has anyone see something called Totally Tuned In on Antenna TV? It's a program that show relatively obscure cartoons from Columbia, UPA, and other studios. Some of what I've seen it are a alot of the original MR Magoos, The Fox And Crow from Columbia, and the original Madeline cartoon, (the one about the little French girl in boarding school.) It's on Sunday and Saturday morning at 9 and 9:30 AM (EST.)


On a unrelated note I once saw a cartoon called MR Magoo Gets Lasex Surgery. It was very boring.

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The series was curated by ?good friend of ours? Jerry Beck, who also put together this handy episode guide:


It contains the complete run of theatrical Magoos. Mr. Beck says they are 52 in number, while shows 54. My hard drive contains 53, all of which are on Mr. Beck's list, and the one titled Bathtub-Horn appears nowhere on the Internet other than on the Wikipedia list.


There is some overlap with the Jolly Frolics DVD set that TCM put their name on a few years ago. Some of the shorts are edited for time on Totally Tooned In, and all of them have credits displaced to the end of the half-hour. The series tends to disappear and reappear from the Antenna schedule, and they don?t always pick up where they left off. So little classic animation is being broadcast anywhere these days, so go, fill your hard drive, and be glad.

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