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Plotting my schedule...

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I am planning out my time at the festival and I noticed that some venues are quite some distance from each other. About how much time should I arrive at the venue prior to the show/discussion to ensure I will get in?

I was lucky to score a couple of passes to the TCM movie locations tour as well - really, does this get any better???

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Well for me, the only way it can get any better is if Sir Michael Caine puts in an appearance at the festival! Congrats on getting passes for the bus tour.......I was not so lucky. BTW, did you ever find out whether or not there will be an autograph opportunity? I'm packing some dvds in hopes that I can get signatures on them...................

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>About how much time should I arrive at the venue prior to the show/discussion to ensure I will get in?





It depends upon what type of pass you have-


Spotlight Passes promise priority entry to all events,

Essential Passes and Classic Passes are let in to films and events following Spotlight passholders entry.


Then, depending upon the event, Matinee and Palace passholders are let in and finally single ticket holders are let in providing there are any seats left.


Typically, for the larger venues a half hour prior to the event if you have a pass other than a Spotlight is usually enough time of waiting in line to get a seat.


The smaller venues such as the Chinese Multiplexes may acquire more time.


And any event you think will be popular (ie- Maureen O'Hara, Jerry Lewis handprint ceremony, *Meet Me in St. Louis* with Margaret O'Brien, etc) if you don't have a Spotlight pass, it is worth allowing more time for standing in line.


I am a Classic passholder and the longest I have stood in line for an event is an 45 minutes to an hour and have gotten a seat.


Here is the theater information:


Graumans (TCL Chinese) is located across the Boulevard from the Roosevelt Hotel.


The Chinese Multiplexes are located just east of the Graumans, up the escalators. The escalators are located behind the Starline Tour kiosk where you check in for the Film Location tour.


The El Capitan is close by located right across the street from Hollywood and Highland next to the old Mason's Temple where Jimmy Kimmel shoots his late night talk show. Practically a stone's throw from the Roosevelt and on the same side of the street.


The Egyptian is less than a half mile walk from the Roosevelt.


Here is the seating info:


Grauman's Chinese (yeah, I know it's supposed to be TCL but I can't do that) seats 932.


Chinese multiplex #1 seats 459.


Chinese multiplex #4 seats 177


Chinese multiplex #6 seats 232.


The Egyptian seats 618 (504 on the floor and 104 in the balcony).


The El Capitan seats 1,000.


Hope that helps!

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If an event is one you absolutely don't want to miss, one of your two or three tops for the whole festival, then show up 45 minutes in advance. When I've shown up an hour in advance, I'm usually in the first 10 in line. I've never missed a movie this way, and I always get the Classic pass rather than the more expensive ones.


When the attendants begin handing out numbers, you can take your number, go to the restroom or get a snack if you like, then return to the line 20-30 minutes before the show. The attendants will tell you when you need to be there.


Everyone will then line up by number, and about 20-25 will be seated at a time. They have the system down to a T, and it works extremely well.


You'll have a great time!

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Thank you so much for the information everyone!! I purchased a Classic pass. I had no idea about the attendants giving out numbers, so that was great info, as well it seems about 45 mins to 1 hr if it is a popular event is plenty of time.

The times that were giving me most concern was Friday's schedule. Because my movie locations tour starts at 1:30 pm, then I would like to attend the Paper Moon but not if it interferes with my #1 - Blazing Saddles and Mel Brooks! But it seems as though they are in the same building (Chinese Imax and Chinese Multiplex 1) so it may not be that big of a problem. Paper Moon ends at 8 and Blazing Saddles starts at 9.

I haven't heard back from anyone regarding an autograph opportunity other than what I read about some personalities having book signings, but I did read something about getting autographs on a thread here basically saying how to do it respectfully and not intrusively. I don't know how much success people have had in the past, but I'm taking an autograph book and a few pens and keeping my fingers crossed.

I was able to get an extra pass for the tour, and intend to give it to someone who wasn't able to get one!

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