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Netflix now offers Sands of the Kalahari

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You can now get this on Netflix. Been waiting a long time to get it.  Being sent to me today.

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I have a particular yen for that movie. It has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. Stewart Whitman is far from my favorite actor--such a strange career he had--but in a way he's apt for the role he has here.

I suppose some left-handed applause is due Netflix for this saturnine and inadvertent generousity on their part.

On the other paw; I despise them for not offering so many, many other classics which by dint, they rightfully ought to. How can any movie outlet worthy of its name, hold its head up when they don't even offer classic James Bond flicks? Or classic horror? It's outlandish!

I gave a friend my list of thirty personal favorite horror films this month and she couldn't fine even ONE using this service. Even a famous title like Nick Roeg's "Don't Look Now"! Not available! Can't be had!

If I could go down to a Netflix office and grab some paunchy middle-manager media executive by the lapels, I would!

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