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"The Broken Hearts Club" (2000)

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You're so right about this one. It's a wonderful cast, some of them near the beginning of their careers, but now more familiar names. Others, like Dean Cain and John Mahoney, were already somewhat established and took a chance by playing against "type". I especially like the intergenerational aspect of this film, with John Mahoney being a sort of housemother to the younger members of the cast. When I was a young man just coming out, it was common for there to be respected elders who acted as (non-sexual) mentors to younger men. I'm not sure how common that is now. If not, it's a definite loss. The group scenes have an authentic feel to them, like the kinds of conversations we've had with our friends, when you're not afraid to call each other on your b.s. I haven't actually seen this in a few years (though I will again soon), but I'm willing to bet that it holds up well and will for many years to come.

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It has been years since I have seen this movie.  You almost forget all of the actors who were in it.  This was such a good and funny one.  Every now and then it is so good to see such an enjoyable movie as this was.  This has put me in the mood to watch it again.  Thanks for mentioning it.

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