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The Mormon films

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I guess that is the only way that I could title this topic.  :)


I don't know how many films there are out there that involve the theme of Mormonism, but there are 3 that I know of.


First, there is "Latter Days":



Second, "The Falls":



Now, both of these films run on the same theme of Mormonism and how it is for one who is not what would be accepted in that faith.  Yet, they are so different.  Yes, there is a touch of drama to "Latter Days", but ultimately, it is far "lighter" than "The Falls".  And, for just a movie to watch, I do like "Latter Days". 


But "The Falls", I personally, believe is a far better film.  For one thing, it slowly builds up to the things which occur in it.  I have read complaints about it taking too long for what happens to happen in it.  But I think the slow development of their relationship makes it much more realistic.  The realism is the second reason why I like "The Falls" better.  I like the subtleness to the film.  The slow pace (I guess you could call it that) and almost quietness of the story makes the emotions of these characters much more human than just actors playing a part on the screen.  That is my opinion of it, anyway.


Has anyone else seen either one of these?  What did you think?



Oh!  That third film?  That is the sequel to "The Falls".  It is called "The Falls: Testament of Love":

I have not seen this one, actually.  If anyone has, I'd love to know it.  But I would appreciate NOT knowing what happens in it.  :)

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Angels in America (actually a TV miniseries) has an important Mormon character and is certainly a gay-themed film.

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A live recording of "Confessions of a Mormon Boy"  by Steven Fales has been released from shows he did in London. It's an audio recording of his one-person show, based on his book, so it doesn't qualify in terms of what you're looking for, but it's something you might find interesting. 

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