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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Issues for 2015

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The Holllywood Roosevelt Hotel has instituted a new policy of charging at least the cost of a one-night stay for TCM Film Festival guests, and I have received many messages concerning the policy, of which I am not particularly fond.


Please check your credit card/debit card accounts if you made a reservation. Some pass holders have contacted me and told me that they have been charged this fee ( $300 +) and were not told that their credit card/debit card accounts would be charged for at least one night. (So patrons are paying for one night of their stay almost six months ahead of time for the privilege of making a reservation.) This is a new policy regarding TCM Film Festival reservations begun this year.


One pass holder stated that a charge was not applied in this particular reservation because of a "Preferred Thompson Hotel Guest" status.


Some have been told that if they cancel a reservation, they will lose the $300+ fee they have been charged. Others have not.


This is a Thompson Hotel Policy, and not a TCM policy. Please review your charges. If you have any problems, contact reservations first, or the managing director of the hotel who is listed as Kevin Barnes.


I would like to add that in all my dealings with the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Reservationists, and personnel on site at the hotel, have been cordial, helpful, and willing to do whatever was necessary to help make my visit a pleasant one. Whenever an issue has arisen, it has eventually been resolved to my satisfaction, and staff on site are pleasant and concerned about the welfare of the guests.


The issues experienced on Thursday indicate that the reservation staff were overwhelmed by the popularity of the Turner Classic Film Festival and the enormity of the calls requesting reservations for the festival dates. One issue that might have determined the need for requiring a one-night deposit/fee by management might be the multiple bookings made by some eager festival patrons who did not want to miss staying at the HRH during the festival.


Notice: The original announcement has been edited for updates.

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That is good news considering others have been charged at least $340 for the reservation, and it will not be refunded if the reservation is cancelled. The amount should be applied to the cost of the stay in March, however.


If there are those who have made reservations, been charged the non-refundable fee, and haven't received a receipt through email, those clients need to contact the Roosevelt to verify that the non-refundable fee has been applied to their account for the reservation.


Congratulations, rhodesisland!

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