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I'm a big fan of TCM.
I was trying to identify a movie I saw in the 1970's as a teenager.  I believe it was black and white movie made many years before that time.   The most memorable scene was the last scene as the villagers where storming and setting fire to the castle, and in the basement laboratory the owner of the castle laid down next to his preserved wife that I believe he was trying to bring back to life.  In the last scene, he lays down, drains his blood and replaces it with a preservative, and a hatch covers them both.  Meanwhile the villagers enter the room a moment later but can't find them; as the castle burns.
Can you help with a movie title, and perhaps provide any info.

I have tried to find this movie for years, and thought I would ask the masters.
Thank you

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The ending sounds a lot like the end to The Abominable Dr. Phibes.  Except that it's in color.  And there is no castle.  And no villagers.  Only police.  Here's the TCM Database page:




Click on the READ THE FULL SYNOPSIS link.


It's been found here a lot of times people can combine elements of different movies in their recollections.  This can happen more often the longer ago the memory is.

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