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Worst Movie Musical Ever Made!

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I think the worst musical I've ever seen is a tie between two, which I dislike for different reasons. In my "modern cinema class" (which was actually run more like an alternative cinema class) we watched Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark. That film was physically painful to watch. So uncomfortable and I believe mislabeled as a Dogma-95 film because it goes against the Dogma-95 ideals. Bijork was awful in the film and the only "shining" spot was Joel Grey's performance. The ending....totally unfulfilling. I don't mind sad endings, but this...bleck.

Another more conventional musical that I disliked was Mame. I adore the Rosalind Russell version, but wasn't even that Lucille Ball played Mame. I felt that the sound editing was dreadful. You could hardly hear the singing over the music! Not the point of a musical in my opinion. 

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I am by no means someone who is into musicals or who really knows much about them.  I will say that I disagree with anyone who says The Wiz (1978) and The Pirate Movie (1982) are the worst.   The former is wonderfully entertaining and bizarre.  The latter is so wonderfully bad it is good. :D

As others have mentioned I might have to say it is The Apple (1980).  This movie is bizarre and it is bad, but it is rarely entertaining in those regards.

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