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Movie Versions of 20's Musicals

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Here are some Broadway musicals of the 20's turned into movie musicals years later. Sound only.


1920-Sally-1929.    1924-Rose-Marie-1936,1954.   1924-Student Prince-1954.   1925-No No Nanette-1930, 1940, 1952.    1925-Vagabond King-1930, 1956.   1925-Sunny-1930, 1940.   1926-Desert Song-1929, 1943, 1953.  1927-Rio Rita-1929.  1927-Hit The Deck-1936, 1954  1927-Good News-1947.           1927-Connecticut Yankee-1943.   1927-Showboat-1936, 1951.  1928-New Moon-1940.  1928-Hold Everything-1930.  1928-Whoopee-1930.   1929-Follow Thru-1930.   1929-Sweet Adeline-1935.  1929-Bitter Sweet-1941.   If I missed any add to the list.  Some are on Youtube or can purchased on line.

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The 1930 version of "New Moon" is scheduled to be shown August 3rd (the early morning of the 4th) at 4:45 a.m., E.S.T.--Pre-Code--starring Grace Moore & Lawrence Tibbett, 2 New York Metropolitan Opera stars--hopefully this will be a real treat worth staying up to see. :)

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