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Westerns on Retroplex & Starz

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4 minutes ago, LawrenceA said:

Just for clarity's sake, I thought I'd mention that this was a 1974 release, and it's a TV-movie edited together from two episodes of The Virginian, one from '62 and the other from '67. It was released theatrically in Europe in '78.

Yes, the 1978 copyright date is what's listed on Starz, but as you've pointed out some of the material was filmed over a decade earlier. Universal was re-using footage from The Virginian to cash in on Bronson's popularity in Europe.

They also did this with another TV movie, THE BULL OF THE WEST (1972) that was culled from a 1965 episode of The Virginian in which Bronson had played a different character. It too was released theatrically in Europe. 

There are a lot of continuity errors when they do this sort of cutting and pasting, trying to connect scenes from one episode with scenes from another episode.

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Now available for streaming on Starz:

LAW AND ORDER (1953) with Ronald Reagan
FOUR GUNS TO THE BORDER (1954) with Rory Calhoun
THE RIDE BACK (1957) with Anthony Quinn
THE RAIDERS (1963) with Brian Keith
THE BALLAD OF JOSIE (1967) with Doris Day
THE UNDEFEATED (1969) with John Wayne

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