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Did anyone else catch this film on TCM today...? Thought it was interesting but not sure if it was entirely convincing or effective.


Glad for the chance to see it, though.

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not a bad idea for a film, but WHY, in heaven's name, must the POWs be so clean, robust and have such perfectly styled HAIR??

I agree about some of the hairstyles- Reagan was a little too polished looking and so was Robert Horton. I felt as if Steve Forrest gave the most realistic portrayal in this picture-- even his skin (upper arms and shoulders) had blisters from sunburn and he didn't seem to care if he was dirty or if his hair was mussed up. He turned it into a character part, not a pretty-boy glamour pose.


The cinematography was excellent and as you said, the idea behind the film was good-- but some of the speechifying was a bit much, obviously meant to decry the fundamentals of communism at the height of the McCarthy era. 


I do think this picture would make an interesting double-feature with THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

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