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Question of the Day: Ruby Keeler

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Even though Ruby lacked the feminine grace of Ginger Rogers and Eleanor Powell in her dancing, she was able to tap out fabulous sounding rhythms with her shoes if you listen carefully, that was the part which was her real dancing talent. It doesn't matter to me that she may have appeared more clunky than Ginger and Eleanor, just listen to those skilled sounding rhythms that she tapped out.

Ruby's singing was cute in her own way, but it's true that singing high soprano wasn't her specialty. In the middle section of "Dames'" "I only have eyes for you" when 30 Ruby Keelers were dancing and singing, the women sing that beautiful high soprano note while singing the chorus. I noticed along with the Ruby lookalikes, Ruby's mouth was also moving and appearing to sing along with the other women singing. But I am not sure that Ruby's real voice was actually singing the high soprano because whenever we really hear Ruby singing on her own, she sings more alto. I still like to think that Ruby's voice was one of the voices singing that beautiful high soprano 

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