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The Blues Brothers (1980)

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"What's a little startling about this movie is that all of this works. .... Director John Landis has somehow pulled it together, with a good deal of help from the strongly defined personalities of the title characters. [John] Belushi and [Dan] Aykroyd come over as hard-boiled city guys, total cynics with a world-view of sublime simplicity, and that all fits perfectly with the movie's other parts. There's even room, in the midst of the carnage and mayhem, for a surprising amount of grace, humor, and whimsy." -- Roger Ebert; 1980















tcm.com/tcmdb/title/19422/The Blues Brothers

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Belushi was  such a natural talent ,  like most good comedians he probably had the capability for some serious performances under the right circumstances.  We can only wonder.

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