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Experiment In Terror (1962)

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Classic--Movies.blogspot.com / Experiment In Terror (1962)


"Experiment In Terror is a brilliant and compelling black-and-white thriller. It makes you squirm in your seat from the extraordinarily eerie beginning right through to its climax. .... [This film] has everything a great suspense thriller needs -- a fine cast of characters, great actors to portray them, a first-class script which builds mounting tension and drama, superb on-location scenery, and a goose bump-raising musical score from one of the best composers ever [Henry Mancini]."


-- David Von Pein; November 2005


Amazon.com/DVP Review/R1YRA8DUUH9UCM
















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Experiment in Terror is one of the better late noirs \ suspense films.     Well paced and with fine acting by all.  

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I love this excellent noir. An outstanding cast, Ford and Remick are wonderful, But Ross Martin steals the movie. Directed by a man considered a great comedy director [ Pink Panther and The Great Race ] Blake Edwards. He also helmed "The Days of Wine and Roses" another classic...

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