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I need help identifying a movie

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Hi everyone,


Noob here...I'm trying to identify a movie that I saw a long time ago and all I can do is to describe three scenes that I can recall:


1)  A large flying craft.  Possibly resembling an old sailing vessel; sailing slowly through a mountainous region.

2)  A man is getting a haircut on the vessel; a bowl-like device is lowered onto his head and he's left with concentric circles of hair.

3)  People sliding through tunnels of ice.


Any help would be appreciated.

If you know this movie please email me at:


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I have an inkling, though it might sound hard to believe.  A couple questions.  Was it color or b/w?  Do you have an idea of how long ago it was?

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My first thought was Frank Capra's "Dirigible" (1931), about an expedition by dirigible to Antarctica. TCM has shown it, but it's been a while since I've seen it. It could explain the tunnels of ice, though I don't remember anything like that. However, the haircut with concentric circles makes it sound more like a fantasy of some kind, especially if it involves a flying sailing vessel. "Master of the World" (1961) with Vincent Price features a flying ship that roams the world destroying weapons of war and fighting machines of all nations.

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