Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

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6 hours ago, KirkAndKarloff said:

My three favorite actresses are Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck, and Merle Oberon.

I have an online FRIEND, now turned author & go to FB to locate him, his og the works MICHAEL F. BLAKE-(looks a lot lie Wilford Brimley) He & I always correspond & sent each other pictures in his msg, all of a sudden folks soon as his COWBOY, HOLLYWOOD MAKE-UP-(he & his father were make-up artists & if you go over his page both, mostly his pop, worked with almost all the heavyweights, doing their make-up) Now he gives most, including myself of all people, because we were pretty tight-(NOTE: JUST REMEMBERED ON AN IN BETWEEN SUPER TCM TRBUTE, I THINK TO JW & WESTERNS, BLAKE APPEARS FIRST TIME EVER IN TV, Watch for it, ) Not certain but I also think Michael was a fellow card-carrying member of REEL COWBOYS,.ORG-(fan club & again, a marvelously crafted site!) CYNDI TRACY-(relative of the GREAT: TRACY & I were ultra pals & not just online, spoke on the phone & more) Cyndi got me in FREE to REEL COWBOYS, even getting huge envelopes from them in snail-mail & topper being membership card) For the record CYNDI TRACY-(l961-) was the then wife of SPENCER'S grandson  JOE TRACY-(l955-) Not a good guy, where she was cool & more cared about SPENCER by far then he ever did)  Pint being MICHAEL'S ALL-TIME TOP 5-6 FAv. STARS ARE>CHANEY, SR.-(make-up again & his ultimate idol), JOHN WAYNE, CAGNEY, TRACY &STANWYCK-(the sole female)

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