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Military Themed Comedies

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Seeing as i'm a newbie here. I'd like to start a topic about comedies with a military theme to introduce myself.

Wartime or Peactime. Feel free to add as many as you like. Add what hit your funny bone if you like.


A few of my favorites are the following.


What did you do in the War daddy?

American's want to liberate an Italian town. Town's people agree if they can have a party. Not as easy as it seems. When a war is being fought.


Operation Petticoat

Submarine making its way from the Philipines to the US for decommissioning. War breaks out. Add pink paint and army nurses for comedy gold.


Kelly's Heroes

Stop with the negative waves. You and i both know this is filled with comedy.



Set during the forgotten korean war. Sarcastic fun that could only happen in a frontline medical unit.


Kissin' Cousins

U.S. Army needs to build base on a mountain top in Tennessee. Problem is the family won't sell to the goverment. Enter Lt. Morgan (Elvis Presley), and his troop of soldiers vs the Tatum family and a mountain full of single women. We know where this is headed.


Thanks for you time. Hope you enjoy the topic. :D 

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