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This movie is super rare and probably in danger of becoming lost forever. I heard the negative got destroyed a few years back when Universal had that big fire. The only existing print got locked away in a vault.

The film was released on dvd and vhs for the first time back in 2000 (20 years after it's release). Its since been out of print.


The film came out in 1980 and starred unknown Robin Johnson.


TCM was going to show this movie like a year ago , but was removed from the scheduke and has yet to be rescheduled and shown on TCM.


I'd like very much for TCM to show this in their Underground show in the future.


This movie was ruined by stupid critics back in the day. This movie isn't so bad. Robin Johnson is best remembered for this movie. She really put herself in this movie. She's the whole movie.

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forgot to mention , this movie has a great soundtrack. This movie is a lost classic. It deserved better. Robin Johnson gave it all she got in this movie and I can tell she had fun making this.

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