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"Hold That Ghost" (1941)

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Tonight on METv's Svengoolie is 1941's Hold That Ghost:



Which, if you missed it last night on TCM (I'm thinking of you, lavender.), you can catch it tonight. And, even if you did watch it last night, you may wish to watch it again tonight. Although it makes one wonder how television rights are divvied up if TCM airs it one night and METv airs it the next.


Bud Abbott & Lou Costello's fourth movie (so their shtick hasn't reached the repetitious stage yet) and one of their best. And their first movie that blended comedy and horror (and, lets be honest, Universal knew a bit about how to do the latter).


Plus an apt supporting cast. Comedy? They give us Joan Davis (Who pairs up well with Lou Costello. Especially in a dance routine that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would never dare.) and Shemp Howard. Horror? They give us Evelyn Ankers (Who else!) and Richard Carlson (Although he wouldn't really come into his own in this realm until the 1950s.). Gangsters? They give us Marc Lawrence (How many gangster roles did that guy portray over 70 years!). Music? They give us The Andrew Sisters (Again, who else!). 


All that and the "Moving Candle" routine!

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Thank You Liam  :) I'm staying at a friends who does not get TCM but does get Me-TV. I haven't watched Hold That Ghost in years, have been requesting TCM show the film for years. I loved this film when I was a kid. So happy I'll get to see it tonight. Thank You again for the alert  ;)

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