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2 hours ago, JakeHolman said:

Populist French Mayor Told To Remove Nativity From City Hall



Gee, I thought even the Americans realized that, that was  what the French Revolution was all about--

Not just a complete separation of church and state --but that the Church, or any religious organization, has Absolutely NO legal Governmental Authority in the French Republic. Therefore no church or religious organization should have any appearance or representation in any governmental institution or building.

FYI-- if you want to get married legally in France, you have to go to the City Hall government that represents the French Republic.

No church or religious organization has legal authority to even marry you in France.

C'est La Vie!

Vive la diffèrence!

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NATO member Spain has illegally entered British Gibraltar Territorial Waters 1,291 times in 2017 so far! This is part of Spain’s continued harassment of #Gibraltar. This behavior is unbecoming of a NATO member.???? In case Madrid needs a map ??


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