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Only Conservatives Can Save The American Campus From Socialism & Marxism

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5 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

they're supposed to be promoting education not pushing either liberal or conservative social doctrines.

One part of education is airing different viewpoints. No surprise that GU isn't

interested in that. The Catholic Church has usually been a top-down autocratic

institution with little interest in free speech, one thing that allowed the sexual

predatory priests to get away with their conduct for so long. 

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How Universities Facilitate Far-Right Groups' Harassment of Students and Faculty

Since he was accused of "attacking conservative students," Tariq Khan has faced harassment and death threats.

... No one in authority is doing anything to stop it and I am not allowed to defend myself."

Khan has filed a counterclaim to the suit against him, but more than anything else, he appears to want to move on. "I'm hoping to finish my dissertation in the new academic year, but all of this harassment, threats, and legal nonsense have wasted a lot of my time and mental and emotional energy, so I am far behind where I would have been had these TPUSA mercenaries not chosen to aggrandize themselves by attacking me," he says. "I'm a working-class military veteran with three children who makes less than a living wage, and these billionaire-funded rich white boys have decided to spend all this effort making a name for themselves by harming me and my family."

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"The Left launched a war on police officers to secure the black vote."

Yeah, because before that the black vote was split evenly between the two parties. Sure.

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