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Only Conservatives Can Save The American Campus From Socialism & Marxism

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It's BS.

Conservative students "taking to the campus" are doing so to rabble-rouse. You don't attend college for such reasons, you go there to drop your biases; open your mind; and learn. The classroom is the only part of campus that matters.

There are plenty of appropriate venues for debate: none for simply creating disturbances, or grabbing headlines.

The bottom line here is that you're posting on a topic--as I said earlier--you know sod all about.

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The title of the thread doesn't even make sense.

If the sprawling, out-of-control hippie protests of the 1960s did not turn our nation's conservative colleges into hotbeds of liberalism, they're certainly not in any danger of that happening today.

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Remember: conservatives have no intellectual footing in the history of ideas. Western Civilization owes its heritage to liberalism. There's no 'courses' any college can offer on 'conservative values'. Its hollow and brainless. There are no intellectual precedents or thinkers to draw from. Anytime conservatives have been in power, it has set progress back. There are no conservative arts or sciences.

In America, you can't teach a college class on how to steal farmland; or swindle stocks; how to corrupt government regulators, put competitors out of business; or how to establish a sweat-shop in SE Asia.

Where can you learn all this? In business school. Or in business career. That's where inhumanity-to-man festers. All these ethic-less, conscience-less, soulless practices come from the world of business. That's all conservatism has behind it. Scumbags.

So: there's no chance of colleges in this country EVER being the way AM Talk-Show radio hosts would prefer. Sorry. You have no intellectual heritage for your political slant.

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