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At least "KANE" lost to a magnificent pic in *Ford's *"HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY" (P.S. though *Ford always thought "Sergent York" deserved to sweep) 

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Top Ten Favorite Movies of 1941    (118 titles seen)

  1. The Maltese Falcon
  2. The Wolf Man
  3. Citizen Kane
  4. The Devil and Daniel Webster
  5. Sergeant York
  6. How Green Was My Valley
  7. The Lady Eve
  8. Sullivan's Travels
  9. Here Comes Mr. Jordan
  10. Ball of Fire

Runner-ups: RemorquesBrothers and Sister of the Toda FamilyBlues in the NightThe Devil and Miss Jones

Ten Worst Movies of 1941

  1. Murder with Music
  2. Jungle Man
  3. Emergency Landing
  4. He Found a Star
  5. All-American Co-Ed
  6. Fiesta
  7. City of Missing Girls
  8. Invisible Ghost
  9. My Life with Caroline
  10. Belle Starr

Top Ten Box-Office of 1941

  1. Sergeant York
  2. Honk(y) Tonk
  3. Louisiana Purchase
  4. A Yank in the RAF
  5. How Green Was My Valley
  6. Babes On Broadway
  7. Caught in the Draft
  8. Road to Zanzibar
  9. Keep 'Em Flying
  10. In the Navy


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My top films of 1941 (83 seen):

1.  Citizen Kane

2.  The Maltese Falcon

3.  How Green Was My Valley

4.  Sullivan's Travels

5.  Swamp Water

6.  The Devil and Miss Jones

7.  The Lady Eve

8.  All That Money Can Buy

9.  Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

10. Dumbo

Runner ups: High Sierra, You'll Never Get Rich, Tobacco Road, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Little Foxes, The Sea Wolf, Sergeant York, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, A Yank in the RAF, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Wolf Man, 49th Parallel

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