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Where Hollywoods Golden Age GIANTS Rest

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(*-Denotes an OSCAR winner) 1st & foremost, many may consider this a rather morbid-topic? Well, many, many others & I as well do not! (HENCE: I've been to Hollywood Itself, twice in l999. & given that most of especially TCM fans/favs. in cinema history, are now-gone, of course except for the film. But most of the mansions/homes,etc. have outrageously been raised! Even all the "Brown Derby's,"/"Garden of Allah"/& to me the worst disgrace "Hollywood Canteen" It should have been kept as a museum of sorts! & as far as Hollywood, Blvd. & the "Walk-of-Fame" well, It wasn't even established until l960. So many heavyweights of tinsel-town were put In posthumously. & Honorary Mayor: Johnny Grant, has many fans when visiting, actually believe that say: L.B. Mayer,etc. Is actually laid to rest under his or her star? When he expired in l957?)An example: Marilyn Monroe's grave in tiny: Westwood, cem."-3 & 1/2 acres. Is thee 2nd most visited In the world, after Elvis!?)

So for those whom may want to actually get closest, to say

*JIMMY STEWART-(Another, who's house was being raised, when I was last there? He's directly, or was, across st. from: Lucille Ball & Jack Benny. Well If *JIMMY Is your all-timer, then his final resting place Is-IT!? & By-far the majority of Golden Age/Studio System-(l925-60) & TCM-

flickers are Interred in: "Forest Lawn Park" in Glendale, CA. (320 massive/mountainous acres) Below Is believe It 0r Not, not a full-list of the cem. vintage/Inhabitants

although you won't get an autograph of course:

*"The King: CLARK GABLE"-(l90l-60)-(NOTE: He & Myrna Loy, were officially voted: "King & Queen," of Hollywood in a l938 movie fans poll!)

*"The Great: SPENCER TRACY-(l900-67)

*HUMPHREY BOGART-(l899-l957)

*JAMES STEWART-(l908-97)-(NOTE: Although some of the massive park is closed to the public. *JIMMY & His only wife Dolores, are on a hill beside one another & as In life, he wanted to be totally accessible to his legion of fans. Without a fence in sight!)

*MARY PICKFORD-(l893-l979)

Jean Harlow-(l9ll-37)

Carole Lombard-(l908-42)-(Appropriately next to: "The King!" 28 yrs. later he joined his love)

*MARIE DRESSLER-(l869-l934)

*WALLACE BEERY-(l885-l949)

W.C. Fields-(l880-l946)

Lon Chaney, Sr.-(l883-l930)-(Ironically/mysteriously unmarked niche)

*WALT DISNEY-(l90l-66)-(NOTE: Yes It's fact! Unlike all the rumors, *WALT wasn't chryogenically frozen/veeery-top of the park Although I could never find him?)

*IRVING G. THALBERG-(l899-l936)

*NORMA SHEARER-(l900-83)

*DAVID O. SELZNICK-(l902-65)

*SAMUEL GOLDWYN-(l882-l973)

Sid Grauman himself-?-l939)

Alan "Shane" Ladd-(l9l3-64)-(NOTE: There Is a tremendous bust/sculpture of: "Shane," frt. of his niche)

Errol Flynn-(l909-59)-(NOTE: Sadly, Flynn was so-broke upon his death, he could'nt even afford a headstone/marker! His fan-club put one In yrs. later)

Robert Taylor-(l9ll-69)

Jeanette MacDonald-(l907-65)

Clara Bow-(l905-65)

Joan Blondell-(l909-79)

Dick Powell-(l904-63)

*WARNER BAXTER-(l892-l95l)

*VICTOR McLAGLEN-(l886-l959)-(same closed off area as: *BOGEY! & both cremated)

Sammy Davis, Jr.-(l925-89)

Dorothy Dandridge-(l923-65)


John Gilbert-(l895-l936)

Alla Nazimova-(l879-l945)-(Of the legendary: "Garden of Allah!")

*DONALD CRISP-(l880-l974)-(NOTE: Between he & Ward Bond-(l903-60) for which should be in Guinness Book of Records, for most film appearances/edge must go to *CRISP, given silent era work?)

Sydney Greenstreet-(l879-l954)

*GEORGE BURNS-(l896-l996) &

Gracie Allen-(l90l-64)

Red Skelton-(l9l3-97)

Chico (Leonard) Marx-(l886-l961)

Harpo (Arthur) Marx-(l888-l964)

Harold Lloyd-(l893-l97l)

Larry Fine-(l902-75)

Joe E. Brown-(l892-l973)

Casey Stengal-NY Yankees Mgr.

Tom Mix-(l880-l940)

Robert Young-(l907-97)

Henry Travers-(l874-l965)

& 3 all-time comosers:

*DIMITRI TIOMKIN-(l894-l97l)

*MAX STEINER-(l888-l97l)

*ALFRED NEWMAN-(l90l-70)-(NOTE: All-Time ACADEMY AWARD Record Holder; with 9 Scoring victories!)

& Heavyweight Golden Age Directors:

*WILLIAM WYLER-(NOTE: All-Time OSCAR Champion for most Best Director noms. l2 total!)

*MICHAEL CURTIZ-(l888-l962)

*GEORGE CUKOR-(l899-l983)

Ernst Lubitsch-(l892-l947)

James Whale-(l889-l957)


*FRANK BORZAGE-(l893-l962)-(TRIVIA NOTE: The very 1st c-director ACADEMY AWARD winner for Best Direction!)

& Rouben Mamoulian

many, many more filmmakers

& Thelma Todd-(l906-35)-(NOTE: Actually only really famous because of her ever mysterious death!?)

Merle 0beron-(l9ll-79)

*JANE DARWELL-(l879-l967)

Ed Wynn-(l886-l966) &

Keenan Wynn-(l9l6-l986)

Jack 0akie-(l903-78)

Alexander Pantages of the famous Panteges Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.


For any that may want to search this topic more, especially If you are visiting tinsel-town! There are tons of books on this very topic. & Also, especially for us TCM-fans. There Is another: "Forest Lawn Park" It's In the actual Hollywood Hills! But mostly more recent celebs are Interred at that one. The only real GoldenAgers at that park are: *BETTE DAVIS-(l908-89)/ Buster Keaton-(l895-l966)/ Stan Laurel-(l890-l965)/ Lucille Ball-(l9ll-89)/ *CHARLES LAUGHTON-(l899-l962)/ *GEORGE STEVENS-(l904-75) & as *CAGNEY said in his autobiography, the guy who was the real-deal & toughest guy in town: George Raft-(l895-l980) Raft was well-known pals with: Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel-(l906-47) & was the only person at Siegel's funeral in '47? They grew-up together in Hell's Kitchen, NYC as *JAMES CAGNEY did as well.

Actually that's one of the few well known mansions still standing! Where "Bugsy," was killed.

Speaking of *JAMES CAGNEY-(l899-l986) Irony, even In death for him. He hated playing the gangster? Loved stuff like: "Yankee Doodle Dandy," most. Where he's laid to rest, upstate New York "Gate of Heaven, Cem." Hawthorne, NY. The Irony Is, that real-life hood/gangster: Dutch Schultz-(l902-35) Is Interred nearby to him!? But so Is the legendary George Herman Ruth-aka: Babe Ruth-(l895-l948) as well.

One book on this topic to stay-clear of. Is: "Hollywood Babylon," series> DISGUSTING STUFF! But there Is a very informative & classy book entitled: "Final Curtain" & "This Is Hollywood" also. There Is also a website One can even locate relatives,etc. on-it. But be certain to come back to mt. summit TCM!!!













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Spencer that was a great deal of trivia info and very interesting. About all those fabulous landmarks and houses change is inevertable. When I visit my old neighborhoods in Brooklyn it breaks my heart to see how much it changed throught the years.

By the way we will be visiting Brooklyn soon and also the graves of our relatives in Greenwood Cemetery where the Wizard of Oz himself Frank Morgan is buried.



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Thanks for reply! "The Garden of Allah," was a legendary motel/bungalows,etc. That It's owner & former silent screen star owned: Alla Nazimova. She was in some other pix of sound era as well. Best example being Tyrone Power's l94l "Blood and Sand." But all-well, almost all of the Golden Age Heavyweights stayed there at one time or another. Marx Brothers-(NOTE: Even the father-(Samuel Marx died ther in '36) Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, *ORSON WELLES, Errol Flynn, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Raymond Chandler, Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker & Hollywood gangster Mickey Cohen also. Whom towel-boys,etc. used to get so-tired of, because Cohen had a *JOAN CRAWFORD esque neatness problem & would always have to have like 25 towels, while using the pool. Many, many more celebs also stayed there. I believe even "The King-GABLE," did also. It was located at Crescent Heights Boulevard & Sunset! & once again, disgustingly, they tore-it down, although l4yrs. after her death. In l959. But people like columnist James Bacon, said the post "Garden of Allah," just was not the same anymore, sadly. & They put up a Saving & Loan Comp.??? But they do have a model of the place under-glass in front, at least? & on that aspect, metaphorically speaking of tearing down what Is our culture/history & all in Hollywood, It now seems almost like a past-time. But Jayne Maynsfield's All pink house has been deemed untouchable? I spoke of the legendary "Hollywood Canteen." Which should have been save & used as a museum/shrine like place, that were likely some of our G.I.'s last place in this country to visit before, maybe being sent to Bataan or Wake Island even! Most of you guys on-here have likely seen the nice l940's WB film of-it. *BETTE DAVIS & John Garfield opened it originally. It was located at l451 North Cahuenga Blvd, just south of Sunset Blvd. It was demolished in '66 to make way for the all Important 5 story parking garage??? (FINAL NOTE: There Is a l936 3-strip techni-color film entitled: "Garden of Allah." With: Marlene Dietrich. No relation to the cottage like motel though.) & there are several superb books on such-topics: "Lamparski's Hidden Hollywood" By Richard Lamparski/ The 1 I mentioned before: "Final Curtain" By Margaret Burke & Gary Hudson & "This Is Hollywood" by Ken Schessler. The last 2 I got while last out there, but you can ceck with: "B & Noble," etc. Which I think TCM Is now involved with anyway.

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sam Greenwood Cemetery is located at 25th Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. It also runs along Fort Hamilton Parkway and not that far from the Bay Ridge section.



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Thanks for the info and trivia Spencer. Real interesting. Everything of past Americana are dissapearing. :(


Mongo, thats not too far away from me. I'm such a dork over the Wizard of Oz, I might actually go pay a visit there if it's actually allowed. Thanks for the 411.

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Sam I don't believe you'll have any trouble visiting the grave of Frank Morgan. He is laid to rest in section #168,

plot 14447. You can ask for information just past the gates in a building to your right. The cemetery is kept in supreme condition and most of the workers are cordial.

However since he was born Francis Wuppermann I don't know which name will appear on the stone.




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To bansi4/mongo, obviously hence the date I wrote this, older-topic. But was not really complete, given you guys/gals speakin' of NYC,etc.

But I think you are from NY? & Frank Morgan is just (1) in a rather large assortment of: Golden Age Heavyweights that chose the NY area or NYC itself, as final resting place? I have a book on said topic. I'll later remit exact places, but even: *GARY COOPER-(1901-61)-(NOTE: I was reading fan-mail in that mag. "Films of GA," & an older couple lived across st. from a rather shabby cemetary. & they even took a picture of *COOPS' grave & sent it to the magazine.)>That is Southhampton L.I.

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Spencer was certainly right about the Anger book HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. There is a photo in the book- purportedly of Suite 1221 at the St. Francis Hotel following the party attended by Arbuckle/Rappe in 1921. The photo is actually a still from a Joan Blondell film. I had the film on tape at one time and compared it to the book-perfect match. Angers book cannot be taken seriously.

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